March at Watford Palace Theatre

With an exciting mix of films, live performances and community activities lined up for March at Watford Palace Theatre, residents and visitors will be spoilt for choice.

We’ve listed some of our top picks below, so leave the parking to us and enjoy what’s on offer.

The Hateful Eight – Thursday 3rd March

World-renowned film director Quentin Tarantino delivers his thirteenth movie – The Hateful Eight. Released in December 2015, Tarantino’s latest piece is a bullseye, receiving international praise from fans and critics alike.

Locked and loaded with his signature mix of action, humor and over-the-top violence, The Hateful Eight follows John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) along a cold road towards the town of Red Rock in a post-civil war Wyoming.

Along the way the pair encounter another bounty hunter (Samuel Jackson) and a supposed sheriff. After taking shelter from a blizzard in a stagecoach stopover – meeting a further four strangers – the group find themselves wound up on a plot of betrayal and deception. Who will survive?

The Revenant – Saturday 5th March

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio in his now infamous Oscar-winning role, The Revenant is a cold story of betrayal, grief and vengeance.

Set in the 1823, legendary ridge runner Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is attacked by a vicious bear whilst exploring uncharted wilderness. His team leave him for dead, forcing Glass to draw on his survival skills to find his way back home to his family. But, thirsty for retribution, Glass finds himself on the hunt for John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), the former confident who betrayed and abandoned him.

Chinese Culture Show – Sunday 6th March

In collaboration with the Watford Chinese Association and the Watford Chinese Centre for the Old People, the Chinese Culture Show returns once again to Watford Palace Theatre. After a sell out event last year, this year’s show is set to be another exciting celebration of Chinese culture.

Expect a variety of of special performances directed by Ms Sinman Yue, including a vibrant dragon dance, a traditional Changing Face act originating from Chinese Sichuan Opera, Shaolin Gong Fu and a mix of colourful performances from professional and community artists including:

  • Bailing Chinese Arts
  • Shaolin Kungfu & Taichi Centre
  • Lonond Harrow Chinese School
  • Watford Chinese Evergreen Line Dance Group
  • The Yangzi Lilies Dance Group

Frankenstein (HCYT) – 18th – 19th March

Watford Palace Theatre presents Frankenstein – a Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre production.

During a treacherous journey to the North Pole, a ship and its crew happen upon a stranger in the icy wastelands – one with an incredible tale to tell. Freezing and exhausted, he is in search of a creation to which he had once given life, but now must destroy.

Adapted by Helen Newall, this bold and captivating rendition of Mary Shelley’s classic tale sets Victor Frankenstein’s nightmarish tale against the turbulent backdrop of the author’s own life. The whole performance is set alight by HCYT – a talented group of young actors from across Hertfordshire.

The Big Short – Sunday 20th March

Starring Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Steve Carell, this story is a biographical comedy-drama following four outsiders and their one big idea – The Big Short.

When the big banks, media and even the government refused to see the imminent collapse of the global economy, this bunch decided to cash in and short the economy. This bold strategy moves them into the dark underbelly of modern day banking, where everyone and everything must be questioned.

If you’re heading to Watford Palace Theatre this March, don’t let parking be a problem. We have a number of car parks in Watford that are secure and convenient with excellent parking rates.

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