Visit the 'Dangerous Roads of the World'

CitiPark are proud to announce the release of our latest interactive infographic, "Dangerous Roads of the World'.

Over a million people die annually in road-related accidents and the world’s roads are getting deadlier each and every day. From bandits in Mexico, to sheer drops in France, industry experts are anticipating that the death count could rise to a shocking 3.6 million each year by the year 2030.

Join us as we take you on a journey through 14 of the scariest driving routes. We’ve developed an interactive piece that features Google Street View to provide a 360° panoramic view of each road to really show you what they’re like. You can experience what it’s like to drive down the roads and learn some interesting stats along the way.

Give it a go, and remember to share it with your friends.

Visit the infographic here.

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